Student Rentals

1. Finding the Right Property

Off Campus student housing that meets both the student’s needs and those of the neighbors is a rare and valuable thing. Let’s face it unless you do the research your needs and those of your neighbors can sometimes clash. Our objective at Bellevue Realtors is to offer our advice and experience to help you find landlords and locations that suit the needs of today’s student population. Studying is your primary goal and making sure you have safe and affordable housing in the right location is ours. You don’t need the hassle of making a bad decision so let us help you navigate the rental maze and find you just what you want so you can get on and enjoy your life as a student..

2. Local Ordinances

Most towns in RI have ordinances that will affect you as a renter. Most problems arise from violations of various ordinances relating to noise, parking and trash so make sure you go to our town site links and check out what applies to you – be a good neighbor it pays in the long run. See the tenant section for more info on state and local rental laws and ordinances.

3. Landlord Relations

Landlords who regularly rent to students are well versed in the potential pitfalls of student behavior, but just remember you all have security deposits and many of you may have parental co-signers on your lease so tread carefully and respect your landlord’s property as if it were your own. A hassle free stay and a pleasant relationship with your property manager are things worth having, and then you can just relax and enjoy your stay.